"The Simple 4 Step System

to Booking

New Photography Clients"


I'll Walk you through the EXACT STEPS

we implement to create $30,000+ a month portrait and wedding photography studios.
This is no fluff training where you'll learn the exact steps we use to scale a photography business.
This is for you if:
  • You want to replace your full time job with photography.
  • If you want to attract your ideal client
  • You Want to Generate a Steady Steam of Inquiries



Have You Ever Said To Yourself...


"I wish more people knew about my photography business. But I don't know how to to get my name out there."?

 "There's just too much competition and no matter what I do, I'm not going to get many paying clients without lowering my prices."?

"I don't know how the hell other photographers are finding clients that are willing to pay those prices."?



You're Not The Only One!

It's no secret, the photography industry is becoming more competitive and it's becoming harder than ever to stand out.

Honestly, the field is becoming saturated with beginner photographers determined to undervalue themselves and undermine the industry.

Everyone teaches TACTICS

But what about STRATEGY?

To be honest, most photographers put together a number of tactics, try them all, don’t see results and then blame the platforms. This is a huge mistake because it leaves us wondering why our Facebook and Instagram ads completely bombed even though we did what our “mentors” taught us. “99” dollar sales… Discounted mini sessions… sell gift cards… Giveaways…
In reality these tactics only work with the right strategy. Worse, without the right strategy, those tactics actually HURT our brand.

The Solution?

I’ve developed an easy to follow system that allows you to create promotions that grow you brand awareness, get you more inquiries, and ultimately more bookings. 

Which leads to more shoots, more revenue, better word of mouth, more content, a better portfolio

You see where I’m going with this? 

This system is exactly what I do to take photographers from 2-3k a month to over $30,000 in a single month. 

Following this formula ensures that you don’t have to wait 7 years to build up a client base.


What Are The Results?

Erica and Josh Hartwig
Wedding Photographers

Booked a $4,000 wedding with $27 ad spend in the first week of going live with their ads!

Candy Hoehn
Newborn, Maternity, Family

Earned over $23,000 in a single month!

Ashlee Russ
Boudoir Photographer

Earned over $35,000 in a single month and was able to switch to In-Person Sales at the same time!



Most photographers spend too much time.... working on the wrong areas.

Blogging, Instagram, Facebook, VIP groups, networking events, flyers, but when are you supposed to see results?

Endless hours of aimless work and you're not seeing any new bookings. Think about it, when's the last time you published a piece of content that you know landed you 5 clients over the last 6 months?

It doesn't matter:

• If your portfolio is amazing.

• How great your service is.

• How creative and passionate you are about your work.

Let's change things. Click on the button to watch the training.


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Learn the Simple System 4 Step System We Use to Build 30k+ per Month Photography Studios.